No Cars In The City Of The Future: The Smart And Sustainable Project.

How do you imagine the city of the future? You’d probably think of flying cars, walking robots, and hyper-tech situations, but that might not be what we’re expecting. Two companies have designed a smart city, which will be built in South Korea: the city aims to preserve the environment and ensure the well-being of its inhabitants. It is a sustainable city, where there are no cars and everything is within a 10-minute walk from residents’ homes. Is sound impossible? Here are the photos of the project and more details.


image credit: 88DesignBox/Facebook

The project – a collaboration between Hyundai Development Company and Dutch architecture firm Unstudio – is called “H1″ and should soon become a reality. It will be developed near the mountains of Seoul, South Korea, and is defined as a ” miniature metropolis “. Indeed, the city will be entirely pedestrian, where the streets and nature will be at your fingertips. The project envisions a city comprised of residential towers, parks, hotels, cinemas, libraries, offices, co-working spaces, schools, personal wellness facilities, facilities sports, health services: everything will be fully accessible on foot. And that would be a great advantage: all the time usually spent traveling by car would be valued and could be used for other purposes.


image credit: 88DesignBox/Facebook

The sustainable and smart city aims to ensure the well-being of its inhabitants, as well as respect for the environment. This project envisions a city with a very high quality of life, where people can live in “modular and compact” apartments, built for different price ranges. Each apartment will have a balcony on which residents can grow herbs and plants. In addition, it is planned to build common areas and shared facilities on each floor to prevent people from living in a state of loneliness: residents will be able to meet in designated spaces and share time and interests. . A subway line will connect this miniature city to Seoul, but inside the city, people will mostly get around on foot or by bicycle. A representative from Un studio said the project is still in the planning stages and no date has yet been set for the start of work.

source used: Daily Mail

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