15 People Who Found Whole New Worlds Inside Ordinary Things.

We have all encountered curious things many times.

Sometimes nobody believes us, so it is good to have a phone or a camera handy to capture what we have found.

In the following list, we share 14 people who found something strange and managed to photograph it to verify it.

#1. “The inside of an aloe vera bottle looks like a space shuttle.”

#2. “One die on your die, so when your die dies you have a new die.”

#3. “A newspaper print inside my fried chicken”

#4. This pony had a surprise inside.

#5. This is what the inside of a burning log looks like

#6. All of this was inside a baseball

#7. “My brother dropped a watermelon and it broke apparently there was a tongue.”

#8. “I broke a garden decoration that had 2 frog figures and I found a little pig playing the guitar inside.”

#9. Pawn inside a chess queen

#10. “Stop looking at my back” The bottom of this coconut water

#11. Elephants after swimming

#12. “Smoke from nearby wildfires made it look like I woke up on Mars today.”

#13. “I broke my old phone case to find it was made from a beer case.”

#14. “I had an egg inside my egg.”

Do you have images of things that nobody believes you? Leave them in the comments. Share this fun gallery with your friends to make them smile.

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