Neighbors Prevent Her From Sleeping All Night At The Campsite: She Takes Revenge With The Help Of Gulls.

Have you ever wanted to go on vacation to take a few well-deserved days of rest, then arrive at your destination and suffer the inconveniences one after the other? If so, you are not alone. Not only, unfortunately, the unexpected can always happen, but the rudeness and carelessness of people often complicate matters.

Heather Minshull, 37, decided to take a camping holiday in Wales with her family. Once there, she was disappointed to find that her trailer neighbors were very loud, preventing her and her family from sleeping through the night due to the music and noise. A situation that would not please anyone, Heather decided she had to do something about it. So, she imagined her revenge: an equally noisy plan!


image credit: Hot News Today/Youtube

“The Ultimate Revenge” is how Heather described what she did to her trailer neighbors. Tired of the noises of the night and difficulty sleeping, she got out of her accommodation at 7 a.m. and began sprinkling bread on the roof of the nearby trailer , where the rowdy campers finally fell asleep.

It’s not hard to imagine what happened next. In an area particularly frequented by gulls, the birds did not waste a single minute and, after spotting the juicy feast, gathered to “party” on the spot, amid the cries and a great uproar. .

“I checked that no one was around,” Heather says, “and I threw a lot of bread on their roof, and then it happened.”


image credit: Hot News Today/Youtube

” They woke up immediately and looked very angry and annoyed, ” the woman added, continuing: “I didn’t regret my gesture at all.”

One can only imagine the noise the birds might have made once they got up there: the annoyance they caused to the occupants of the caravan certainly matched the one they caused themselves, with the music and everything else. The episode, told by the woman on the web, gave rise to many reactions from Internet users, most of whom hailed her plan for revenge. And you what do you think ? Was this woman right to teach her neighbors a “winged” lesson?

source used: Daily Mail

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