Neighbors Block Her Car With A Rock, The Geologist Takes Revenge To Teach Them A Lesson.

We choose our friends, unfortunately not our neighbors. While it is difficult to live with roommates, it is equally difficult to live next to people who disrespect you or with whom you don’t get along particularly well. Several stories and legal battles involving neighbors have taken place.

The reasons for small misunderstandings or big brawls are different and in this case Melissa Scruggs decided to take revenge and tell the story on Twitter.


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Melissa is a geologist from California, she has been working and studying for a Ph.D. and has lived with other Ph.D. students in the same building for about 3 years. The neighbors are first or second-year students and love to party, but despite this, Melissa says she’s never had a problem with them before. One day, after waking up, she noticed that rock was blocking her car, preventing her from moving. The neighbors probably did not know Melissa’s trade: studying rock masses is her trade.


image credit: VolcanoDoc twitter

So Melissa briefly recounted the story on Twitter: She just thought her colleagues would find the story funny, but she certainly didn’t expect her tweet to go viral. 


image credit: VolcanoDoc twitter

Why would the neighbors roll that big rock in front of his car? The night before, they had organized a party with many people several cars had been parked in front of neighbors’ houses. When Melissa noticed the situation, she asked them if they could move the cars so she could go to work the next day. The neighbors obviously did not like Melissa’s intervention, who decided to prevent her from moving anyway.


image credit: VolcanoDoc twitter

To teach them a lesson, the woman simply decided to destroy the rock and did so at 7 am when presumably everyone was asleep to recover from their long night. In fact, the woman had all the tools she needed around the house to do the job: using her air hammers, and carefully protecting her eyes and ears, Melissa solved the problem.

And the neighbors? How did they react? In her comments, Melissa says she exchanged a few unfriendly looks with them.

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