10 Animals With Which Nature Shows Us That Love Is Eternal

There are not so many animals that can show us what it means to be truly faithful. Only about 3-5% of them have a life partner. And some couples even have their own relationship traditions that are the purest display of their mutual devotion.

In the following list, we share 10 of the animals that are happy with their partner until the end of their days.

#1. Bald Eagle.

The national symbol of the USA, bald eagles mates their entire lives with their chosen partner, remaining faithful until the day of death or in cases of impotence. They build and take care of the nest together providing warmth or taking turns foraging for food.

#2. French angelfish.

This marine fish stands out for the fidelity that the couple maintains with each other. Although they do not take care of their young fry once they hatch, they live forever together and defend each other from attacks by other fish.

#3. Gray Wolf.

Gray wolves form a pack consisting of a male, a female, and their young. They are tremendously faithful to their mate and protective to death with their cubs.

#4. Otters.

One of the cutest behaviors of otters is that they hold hands while taking a nap to avoid getting lost. They divide their family chores evenly and sometimes other otters can even help out by babysitting.

#5. Loose Dik-diks.

Dik-diks heroically defend their partners from other admirers. These dwarf antelopes may be small in size, but they have large hearts. Although conflicts are rare, males are always ready to fight for their loved ones. When the other dik-diks appear, both males rush at each other, stop quickly, nod their heads, and turn around, repeating this ceremony until the opponent surrenders.

#6. The Seahorses.

Both parents are very responsible, but Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to these curious little animals. In this couple, it is the woman who needs to work hard to attract a man. And once the male is “in love”, it is he who becomes pregnant and carries the babies for several weeks.

#7. Atlantic puffins.

Atlantic puffins rub their beaks, as if they are kissing. These little birds rarely change partners, and each year they return to the same place to nest together with their beloved. Once the mother lays an egg, she takes care of it and the father brings food and defends the nest.

#8. The Copper Titi monkeys.

The Titis live in the rainforests of South America. Their relationships are very special in the animal kingdom, because they bond emotionally with their partners. They are even distressed when they are apart. Couples even stay together after mating season, spending their romantic moments sitting next to each other with their tails entwined.

#9. The crowned cranes.

These birds that live in Uganda take their relationship very seriously. To show their commitment, 2 young pairs dance together in front of the flock before wandering off to nest.

#10. The parakeets of the sun.

These little parrots live in the northeastern part of South America. They are very sociable and live together in flocks, communicating with high-pitched voices. Before getting into a serious relationship, they start by feeding and grooming each other.

Do you know other animals that are just as faithful to their mates? Leave us your comments! Share this beautiful gallery with your friends so they know that true love is not only unique to human beings.

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