These Disturbing Photos Show That Nature Knows How To Make Us Small And Powerless

We have often come to know nature and many of the most incredible phenomena it can offer us. Today, in particular, thanks to the internet and social networks, everyone can instantly share the most astonishing wonders they witness, thus making them immediately accessible from one part of the world to another.

And yet, Mother Nature is so full of surprises that she can only show herself to us in her most beautiful face. Its power, as we know, is also linked to particularly striking manifestations, before which we men can do nothing but feel small and helpless. It is precisely these moments that we want to show you in the photos we have put together below: fascinating and spooky shots at the same time!

#1. A quiet wedding ceremony in the Philippines … with the smoking Taal volcano behind!

image credit: Zildjian134/reddit

#2. A disturbing skull-shaped cloud rising above Vesuvius …

image credit: Yeeeeeeehaww/reddit

#3. In Cannon Beach, Oregon, A Man Feels Really Small and Afraid of the Power of Nature

image credit: CryptoExodus/reddit

#4. My dad got in the car … and found this!

image credit: kg6672/reddit

#5. Much more than a “simple” spider’s web: it is something much more disturbing!

image credit: Directions/Facebook

#6. The “blood drops” in Antarctica are really worrying: here the salt water is rich in iron oxide and “rust”, which gives life to the color red

image credit: dangillmor7187/reddit

#7. A dark and scary night on a country lane in Northern Ireland …

image credit: Mono_420/reddit

#8. The size of this crocodile, compared to that of a man, is something frightening …

image credit: thanossnap99/reddit

#9. A praying mantis that has found its feathered prey …

image credit: TayJay23YT/reddit

#10. These ice formations look like sculptures of strange and disturbing creatures …

image credit: Pyrolific/reddit

#11. A waterspout in all its grandeur and ominous appearance

image credit: Ambrosia Boat Delivery Sail and Motor/Facebook

#12. The frightening power of an avalanche …

image credit: reddit

#13. Yes, this jet ski that saves a man is chased by a high wall of water …

image credit: Rogue_Professor/reddit

#14. A frightening “tornado of fire” which formed in Australia during the forest fires

image credit: Krazlau/reddit

#15. When the threat is imminent …

image credit: TooTaIIJones / reddit

#16. The ground rose and opened like a big hungry mouth

image credit: MTPROJECTS/reddit

#17. Volcano and storm

image credit: Hewwy/reddit

There is nothing to say: nature always knows how to amaze us, for better or for worse!

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