18 Striking Images Show That Nature Always Knows How To Amaze Us With Special Effects

We will never cease to be amazed and inspired by the majesty, unpredictability, and beauty of nature. Even when you think you know all the corners of the world that welcome and surround us, the phenomena, animals, landscapes, and elements are always ready to take your breath away in front of sights as fascinating as they are unexpected.

Ready to amaze yourself with 18 images that show nature in its strongest and most extravagant forms?

#1. The singular matamata, halfway between an alligator turtle and a long-necked turtle

image credit: good139/reddit

#2. What we see on the surface of the water can hide a lot of things: this Siphonophore proves it!

image credit: BeardedDragon_Keeper/reddit

#3. The devastating power of lightning on a poor “unlucky” tree

image credit: jdubss95/reddit

#4. The flowers of the Large Snapdragon turn into spooky skulls when they wither!

image credit: Imgur

#5. These ice eggs in northern Finland are a rare phenomenon that occurs due to wind and water

image credit: Timo1301/reddit

#6. A large cobra (or atlas) butterfly in all its glory

image credit: pbj831/reddit

#7. The giant Tasmanian crayfish is the largest freshwater invertebrate in the world.

image credit: reddit

#8. An image that speaks for itself: nature can sometimes create settings that are breathtaking to say the least. Here we are in Utah

image credit: liesandthetruth/reddit

#9. A Norwegian mountain in all its majesty

image credit: unnaturalorder/reddit

#10. The colors and trunk of this tree in California: simply spectacular!

image credit: Imgur

#11. A huge (and scary!) Sawfish swimming at water level

image credit: Pikabu

#12. Water lilies with leaves big enough to contain people!

image credit: Pikabu

#13. A sleeping humpback whale in all its enormous stature

image credit: -DMangos-/reddit

#14. A black alligator next to an albino individual: two opposites in comparison!

image credit: cas2ie/reddit

#15. A spectacular blue fungus growing on a dead branch

image credit: Gman902/reddit

#16. This fascinating black frog, Anotheca spinosa, seems almost covered in metal

image credit: ADarkcid/reddit

#17. Hyperion, the tallest tree in the world: a 600-year-old redwood tree, 115.6 meters high, whose exact position has not been revealed to prevent damage.

image credit: prettyflythaiguy/reddit

#18. The unique phenomenon that the treetops do not touch

image credit: tallicahet81/reddit

Have you ever seen natural phenomena as fascinating and incredible as these, or encountered such special creatures?

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