Nasa Has Discovered An Asteroid So Full Of Gold It Could Make Everyone On Earth ‘rich’

Real wealth isn’t always inside, but … above us. To be precise, several kilometers higher, as many kilometers between Mars and Jupiter to find it! Yes, because the NASA discovery we are going to tell you about is just a huge space gold mine.

We are not describing the script of a sci-fi movie, but the reality. Between the orbits of the two planets near the Earth in the opposite direction to the Sun, there is an asteroid that could make all the inhabitants of the world happy for life, no one is excluded.


image credit: ASU-Peter Rubin/Wikimedia

It’s called Psyche 16 and it’s a celestial body made up mostly of solid metals. In particular, it contains gold, platinum, nickel, and iron in such large amounts that it is estimated that if brought to Earth they could enrich every inhabitant and solve everyone’s economic problems.

The current economic system of our planet is estimated at around 80  trillion euros. Well, are you ready to find out how much are the precious metals in Psyche 16 worth? To round it up a bit, around 9 quadrillion euros!


image credit: Facebook

The asteroid, already known since 1852 thanks to the Italian astronomer Annibale De Gasparis, was only recently “evaluated” for its internal economic potential. After all, its metallic components, in addition to their value, are interesting because most of the planets explored have gaseous surfaces or are made of ice or rock.

Thus, NASA has decided to undertake a mission, called Discovery Mission, to the celestial body, with the intention of reaching it in 2026. However, no mining is in sight: the operation, fortunately, is no longer in sight. will only have scientific purposes. In fact, if, by hypothesis, the precious metals contained in Psyche 16 were brought to Earth, the world economy would risk collapsing, “wiped out” by space gold.

The scientific value of the psyche 16 remains very high. It is speculated that the asteroid could be composed of one of the building blocks of the solar system, which could be a unique opportunity to learn more about the origins of our planet.


image credit: Facebook

Using asteroids for their riches, however, is not too far off, nor too far from reality. Since 2015, in fact, it is legal to own one or more and, despite the scientific intentions of NASA, an extraterrestrial gold rush cannot be ruled out. In addition, there are already space mining companies that are observing other asteroids of the great estimated value.

A new frontier in search of wealth and profits? Who knows? What is certain is that man – for better or for worse – is not always able to set limits..

sources used: International Business Times

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