Mysterious Stone Spheres Discovered In Scotland: 5,500 Years Old.

Exploring the past has always been one of man’s most compelling desires. Today, archeology is no longer content to unearth stones and exotic works of art. Archaeologists are trying to get a feel for how ancient societies lived and behaved, by studying the economic conditions and the way of life of ordinary people. Thus, some of the spheres found in Scotland have unique value and represent a real challenge for experienced archaeologists.

On a remote island in Scotland, a 5,500-year-old tomb has been discovered. Archaeologists had to speed up their research and excavation after this incredible find, as the site was almost at sea level and would have been devoured by the waters within days. Fortunately, researchers managed to intervene before it was too late and made an incredible discovery: two mysterious hand-carved stone spheres. An enigmatic find that archaeologists are used to seeing since more than 500 copies of this strange mineral form have been found throughout Scotland.


image credit: UCLanArch&Anth/Twitter

Dating from 3500 to 1500 BC, most of these hewn stone spheres are around seven centimeters in diameter and fit snugly in the palm of a closed hand. Many theories have been put forward to explain the use of these strange objects. To date, the most accredited seems to be the study published in the scientific journal Ancient Origins . The researchers, who have dedicated their lives to solving this mystery, have come to several conclusions. On the one hand, the shape and weight of these stone spheres suggest that they were used as hunting projectiles for a type of slingshot or simply as a weight for sea fishing.


image credit: UCLanArch&Anth/Twitter

On the other hand, the strange shape of these objects and their perfect preservation (they have no dents) suggest that they are sacred artefacts handed down from generation to generation.


image credit: MegalithomaniaUK / Youtube

National Museum of Scotland curator Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark posted a message on Twitter about the discovery of the two spheres, stressing the importance of the discovery for future studies. Indeed, by adding these findings to the other twenty hand-carved spheres found in Orkney, we can better understand their past use and the reason for this strange spherical shape.


image credit: MegalithomaniaUK / Youtube

The two stones recently discovered on the Scottish island, have been described by Dr Anderson-Whymark as a “surprising find” as they were in a grave. This suggests that they were certainly important objects, as they were buried with the deceased, possibly for a specific purpose for the afterlife.


image credit: MegalithomaniaUK / Youtube

In short, a fascinating discovery that we can’t wait to hear about. Today, unfortunately, we have to limit ourselves to unconfirmed theories and assumptions. Only time, further studies, and discoveries will tell us more about this mysterious and fascinating object.

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The Press and Journal

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