20 Mysterious Objects People Accidentally Found Wondering What They Were

Life teaches us this almost every day: it is impossible to think that we have seen or experienced everything. We realize this when, punctually, something or someone comes to contradict us on what we thought to be obvious and certain.

Giving an explanation to everything around us is very difficult, surrounded as we are by coincidences, particular phenomena, and even bizarre objects. It is in these moments that curiosity kicks in and that we realize that we are not so “educated” about everything. But working in search of the truth is just as satisfying: the people who have shared the photos we are about to show you know it well. What is it about? Difficult to say at first glance. To identify the 20 “mysterious” objects they saw or found, these people turned to the web for help. Test your imagination!

#1. I found this metal cylinder in the middle of a forest, maybe it is a container for liquids?

image credit: debauched_sloth_/reddit

#2. Among the “Pringles” crisps, there was this one which had a strange peculiarity: can you tell me why?

image credit: reddit

#3. I was in the park, I looked up and saw this strange “barrel” hanging from a cable: what is it for?

image credit: Gags30/reddit

#4. It’s certainly not every day that you see a load like this: I wonder what it is ….

image credit: reddit

#5. Looks like some sort of antique clock, but it’s actually a glove clip from the early 20th century!

image credit: Pikabu

#6. A rather bizarre sign: it looks like it tells the flamingos not to fly, but on the contrary it recommends people not to frighten them so that they don’t escape!

image credit: spangloss/reddit

#7. I found this “thing” among my aunt’s things: I found it to be an instrument used to measure sea currents. Curious, isn’t it?

image credit: reddit

#8. A pretty little door installed in a tree trunk in Scotland: it is probably a “fairy door”, used to allow people to leave messages or gifts to mythical creatures of the woods …

image credit: stopthesquawk/reddit

#9. Can you explain what this particular item is for? Is it an optical instrument?

image credit: Vintagepruckfinder/reddit

#10. While walking through an antique store, I found this mysterious object: can someone tell me what it was used for?

image credit: reddit

#11. It is difficult to say whether it is a pair of pliers or a pair of scissors: it is certainly a very fascinating object!

image credit: Pedandick/reddit

#12. Weird finds in the middle of the woods: what is this thing? Maybe a trap for some animals?

image credit: MudracFuidji / reddit

#13. In front of the door of this house, I noticed a metal bar with a saucer sliding up and down: curious and mysterious, isn’t it?

image credit: reddit

#14. Is this a specific camping equipment? It is certainly unusual to see

image credit: Strandedsailor69/reddit

#15. When you find something like this in a canned drink, questions start to race in your mind ….

image credit: Parrmesan/reddit

#16. 4-ring scissors? Yes, it is an old tool used in school to teach children to use it!

image credit: reddit

#17. Found in the middle of the living room of my new home: it looks like a kind of brazier, but it’s still mysterious and even a little scary, isn’t it?

image credit: killaghost22 / reddit

#18. I found several a short distance away, on the grounds of a house I bought …

image: killaghost22 / reddit

#19. Among my grandmother’s old objects, I couldn’t help but notice these: what will they be used for?

image credit: Winterzeit20/reddit

#20. If you are wondering what this original metal container with a long spout is for, know that it is a “dallah”, an old and traditional Arabic coffee maker!

image credit: xerozeroxero/reddit

And you? Have you ever found yourself in front of particular objects to which you could not give a precise explanation?

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