“My 7-year-old Son Does The Housework And Helps Me Pay The Bills”: Mother Bombarded With Criticism On The Web.

Each parent brings up their children differently. Is there a right and wrong way to do it? Probably not, but the mother at the center of this story has been beset with criticism for the way she is raising her son and the values ​​she passed on to him “too early”. There are those who spoil children – or at least ensure that they have a happy, carefree, and fun childhood – and those who want to pass on certain values ​​from an early age, such as the importance of sacrifice and responsibility.


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This mother chose the second option: on TikTok, through a video, she recounted how she taught her 7-year-old son what it means to work and save, and she did it in a way “special”: each week, the child has to help him with small household chores, and for each task he manages to accomplish at the end of the day, he receives a dollar from his mother. At the end of each week, the child counts the money he has earned and knows that he will have to use some of it to “pay” the household bills, returning it to his mother.


image credit: craftandcozy/TikTok

At the end of the month, the child will have accumulated a small amount of money through housework, which he will keep in two different containers: in a container, the money he will use for himself and, in the other, the money that will be used to help his mother pay the household bills. According to the mother, this method is useful in making the child understand what it means to save money, to make sacrifices, to take care of the house and a method based on a balance between effort and reward. Despite his very young age, the child seems to have already learned something: his mother claims that the money her son saves for himself is not spent. He prefers to keep it for future projects or events.


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But not everyone appreciated and shared the mother’s method: many Internet users, including parents, believe that it is too early to teach their child certain things. At this age, the child should think about playing and enjoying his childhood, and should not have to work and experience what sacrifice is. However, the people who supported the woman did not fail, arguing that it is necessary to start educating children from an early age so that they one day become responsible adults. And what do you think ?

source used: craftandcozy / TikTok

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