Mushroom Picker Accidentally Discovers 3,300-year-old Sword Stuck In Rock

Sometimes the past manages to come back to life and present itself before us in the most unusual and bizarre ways, almost as if it is waiting for us. We realize that when episodes happen that are so incredible that we think fate, or whatever, has wanted us to experience something fascinating at all costs.

The man who was looking for mushrooms in the Czech Republic must have thought so too when, quite by chance, he stumbled upon an object capable of catapulting him into the distant past, to say the least. What is it about ? A historical treasure so precious that anyone looking for antiques for their work or hobby would be envious: a sword from the Bronze Age !


image credit: Etnographic Museum of Jesenicko – Czech Radio

Imagine stepping out on a bright fall day, determined to bring back a beautiful basket of mushrooms and then, surprise !, you find yourself in front of a 3,300 year old sword . Anyone, in the place of this man, would have felt considerable emotion at this famous “beginner’s luck”. No research, no team of archaeologists: the lucky chosen one discovered the weapon quite by chance.

Roman Novak is his name, said he was in the Jesenicko district with the intention of hunting for mushrooms after the heavy rains created optimal conditions. At one point he saw a piece of metal “sticking out a few stones” and, suspecting that it was an ancient object, he started digging, hoping to extract it.

After a little work, the relic appeared to him in all its unexpected splendor: it was indeed a bronze sword, with a carved hilt. Roman thus decided to bring the object to the authorities, having it analyzed by the archaeologists of the Silesian Museum , who underlined the importance of the find. The object, in fact, seems to date from 1,300 BC. AD and is the second of its type ever found in these areas.


image credit: Szleske Museum

Upon further analysis, it was confirmed that the bronze object was made using the classical methods used at the time and that in all probability it was an ornamental rather than an object. defense or combat. One feature that makes this find particularly rare and important is the handle , which is octagonal in shape, which makes it more stable and more convenient to hold.

A truly valuable object, for an equally surprising discovery, which will prompt experts to conduct research in the area where the sword was located. It is amazing how sometimes the most fascinating discoveries happen in completely unexpected ways!


via: Czech Radio

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