11 People Who Wanted To Move To A Hermitage Because Of Their Neighbors.

Neighborhood relations are often not easy, quite the contrary: conflicts, in some cases, are on the agenda and can relate to the most disparate subjects. Quarrels over parking spaces, disagreements on various co-ownership issues, night and daytime noise, waste left in common areas are just some of the examples that could be reported. In short, the coexistence between people who live next to each other without knowing each other can be really difficult to manage and only in the luckiest cases is it possible to achieve at least a quiet life. . Let’s look at 11 examples that might make you want to move into a hermitage right away.

1. Fireworks


“Our sweet 7-year-old dog has a new phobia thanks to the neighbor who just shot illegal fireworks over our house.”

2. Night Lights


“New neighbors have moved in across the street from our house. They leave these lights on all the time. It’s our bedroom windows and the view from our bed at 2 a.m..”

3. Stores


“My neighbor just had his car repaired and it’s so shiny the glare from the sun melted my blinds.”

4. Parking


“My neighbor saw fit to park so close to my front bumper. When I asked him to move it, he said his buddy wasn’t there and he didn’t know where he was …Too bad it’s him.”

5. Goodbye Internet


“The neighbor cut my internet line.”

6. Missed report


“The upstairs neighbors haven’t reported a maintenance issue. My entire apartment is damaged.”

7. Expired treats


“Neighbors have been handing out expired treats for two years. I realized this after tasting a few disgusting morsels and inspecting the loot.”

8. Closing


“I had planned a barbecue in my garden this weekend and last night my neighbor destroyed my fence.”

9. You were gone

“Water is leaking from my walls and floor because my upstairs neighbor left the tap on.”


10. Decorations


“The neighbour’s son decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look ‘nice’.”

11. Remembering the Oaks


“The new neighbors have just cut down five beautiful oak trees which gave us a lot of shade. The new view is horrible…..”

Have you ever had bad experiences with your neighbors?

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