14 Of The Most Curious Collections To Which People Have Applied Themselves With Dedication

We can collect everything, anything that comes our way: bottle caps, photographs of a certain type, magazines, leaves, branches, pencils. Among collectors, one stands out for the extravagance of the collection and its duration in time – generally, old objects increase the value of the collection. The people we are showing you in this article are certainly remarkable for the peculiarity of what they have decided to bring together over the years to put together a collection. Here is a list of the most curious objects that people have ever collected.

#1. “The collection of pencil sharpeners I inherited from my grandfather.”

image credit: mattygraddy/Reddit

#2. “My grandmother and her houses for birds”.

image credit: Moeiekoe/Reddit

#3. “My daughter is cleaning up her Monopoly collection.”

image credit: eoin27/Reddit

#4. “My friend has a collection of 100 tracks from the movie ‘Shrek’ on videotape.”

image credit: nesfor/Reddit

#5. “My friend has a collection of Pringles on a wall.”

image credit: KymmaLabeija/Reddit

#6. “My complete collection of all LEGO shields ever made.”

image credit: Tusserte / reddit

#7. During the lockdown, this guy collected all the stickers from the apples he ate and gave them a note.

image credit: l19ar/Reddit

#8. A personal collection of flags from around the world: 100 pieces.

image credit: FenusToBe/Reddit

#9. “In the past 15 years my dad has collected 1,785 bowling balls and built a giant pyramid.”

image credit: buildingsonfire/Reddit

#10.A curious collection of stones that look like eggs.

image credit: imgur

#11. This guy collects badges from sheriffs and cops: his fate seems sealed.

image credit: imgur

#12. “I cleaned the closet and found my roommate’s strange collection of vacuum cleaners.”

image credit: imgur

#13.”My collection of wax seals”.

image credit: imgur

#14. “My entire collection of heart shaped stones.”

image credit: imgur

Collectors are often very curious and special people: and you, have you ever seen a really unusual collection?

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