17 Of The Most Curious And Spectacular Trees On Earth, True Wonders Of Nature

The trees are like natural pillars that support life on Earth. It is thanks to these silent and fascinating witnesses to the passing of time that nature can take its course, that the air can be “cleaner” and that many animals can find the refuge they seek.

Think for a moment about a world without trees: it wouldn’t be the same, would it? For these reasons and many more, it is always necessary to protect and enhance them. And it’s always nice to meet new ones, perhaps some of the most peculiar, curious and extravagant that exist on our planet. The following photos are dedicated to them: say goodbye to “usual” trees and discover these wonders of nature, capable of surprising us with their shapes and unique characteristics !

#1. Rainbow eucalyptus: a true natural work of art, with its bark which can take on many shades.

image credit: Jess Mann/Wikimedia

#2. The Ceiba speciosa, a tree with a real “armor” of large thorns around the trunks.

image credit: Pixabay

#3. Le dragonnier de Socotra (Dracaena cinnabari).

image credit: Rod Waddington/Wikimedia

It has characteristic umbrella-shaped foliage and a name due to the red sap flowing over its bark, an ingredient that has been used for centuries as a pharmacological remedy.

#4. Jaboticaba, a tree whose characteristic berry-like fruits grow directly on the trunk!

image credit: Needpix

#5. From a distance, it may recall a fir tree, but the Araucaria Araucana is a conifer armed to the teeth: approach and you will notice its thorns!

image credit: Fredlyfish4 / Wikimedia – Sciadopitys / Flickr


#6. The baobab, a very common tree in Africa which can have a large trunk capable of storing huge amounts of water inside: a useful “tip” to survive even during the driest months!

image credit: Pixabay

#7. The Joshua Tree, which grows in the California Nature Park of the same name, has adapted to the harsh environmental conditions of the region.

image credit: rawpixel

#8. The Mancenillier can look like a normal tree: its fruit, which looks like an apple, is however so poisonous that, if ingested, it can cause death.

image credit: Pancrat/Wikimedia – Hippomane mancinella, the Death Apple/Wikimedia


#9. The tallest palm trees in the world are found in Colombia and are the Ceroxyl de Quindío: they can exceed 60 meters!

image credit: Dick Culbert/Wikimedia

#10. The huge, sprawling roots of the Ceiba Pentandra, or Kapok tree.

image credit: Scott Zona/Flickr

#11. The Hyperion, the largest tree known in the world, is a Californian redwood 600 years old and more than 121 meters high! Its location is kept secret to preserve its habitat.

image credit: prettyflythaiguy/reddit

#12. The Socratea exorrhiza, or walking palm, is a very special plant that keeps itself up from the ground on its own roots!

image credit: Ryan Somma/Flickr

#13. A wisteria over 140 years old in Japan: colors and a fabulous setting!

image credit: Imgur

#14. The Angel Oak, the famous oak tree on the island of Charleston, South Carolina, stands over 20 meters tall and is approximately 500 years old.

image credit: Imgur

#15. A spectacular rhododendron over 125 years old in Canada!

image credit: Imgur

#16. Isn’t it amazing the shape these trees have taken, constantly windswept in New Zealand?

image credit: Imgur

#17. Flamboyant (Delonix regia) is a unique bright red flowering plant, native to Madagascar.

image credit: Imgur

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