This Photographer Manages To Immortalize The Rarest And Most Colorful Birds In Fascinating “Human” Poses

The nature that surrounds us is an inexhaustible treasure of wonder and diversity , which manifests itself in all the phenomena and creatures that inhabit it. Even if everything is not always visible at first glance, fortunately there are many people who, through their precious work, reveal hidden and wonderful facets of places, animals and entire ecosystems to us.

Tim Flach is one of them. This English photographer devotes all his activity to immortalizing representatives of the animal kingdom as if he were photographing humans. Among the various creatures that are the subject of his extraordinary portraits , we also find wild and endangered animals, of which Tim manages to capture all the essence, the beauty and even the sympathy. Here we have collected some of his photos of rare and colorful birds : just look at them to be instantly fascinated!

#1. The Inca Tern, whom Tim calls “the Salvador Dali of birds”: difficult to prove him wrong, given the “mustaches” of this wonderful bird!

#2. A splendid blue tit with blue and yellow hues and a deep gaze

#3. A curious Eurylaime psittacin: it almost looks like it has two “legs” on the sides of the beak!

image credit: timflachphotography/Instagram

#4. It is a colorful Gouldian diamond, a typical Australian passerine bird.

#5. A red cardinal with a rather “severe” look

#6. Have you ever seen a black capuchin pigeon, also called “Jacobin”? Tim immortalized it in all its curious appearance

image credit: timflachphotography/Instagram

#7. A resplendent Lophophore with fascinating nuances

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#8. A friendly leadbeater cockatoo!

#9. The wonderful Philippine eagle, a bird of prey characteristic of the Asian islands with a majestic wingspan of about 2 meters

image credit: timflachphotography/Instagram

#10. Another capuchin pigeon, white this time!

image credit: timflachphotography/Instagram

#11. A splendid toucan with a very special look

#12. A shoebill rather … contrite!

image credit: timflachphotography/Instagram

#13. A rare and wonderful Royal Crane

#14. An Egyptian vulture immortalized in all its essence

image credit: timflachphotography/Instagram

#15. A colorful Peruvian Rooster, all plump

#16. This Polish chicken species is special, to say the least, isn’t it?

Have you ever seen birds captured in these almost “human” poses?


via: timflachphotography/Instagram

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