This Photographer Has Managed To Capture The Most Beautiful Moments Of The Unlikely Friendship Between A Dog And An Owl

No friendship is impossible when it comes to animals. Our four-legged friends, in this sense, always manage to surprise us in the most unexpected way. Tanja Brandt, a talented German photographer, knows this well. From an early age, the artist had a real passion for animals, which she then transposed into her profession. And we’re not just talking about dogs and cats.

Her photos, which have become famous on the web thanks to their distribution on the photographer’s social networks, show the wonderful symbiosis that can be created between two creatures belonging to completely different species. What do a dog and an owl  have in common ? Nothing, but only in appearance.

The German Shepherd Ingo and the Owl Poldi show that a very special relationship can be born between these two animals, made up of games, respect, loyalty, fun and joy . Beyond all difference, these splendid creatures have much to teach us. Don’t miss their “adventures” in the photos we’ve collected below!











image credit: Ingo & friends/Facebook


image credit: Ingo & friends/Facebook

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via: tanja_brandt

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