Motherly Love On All Fours, 17 Photos Of Moms With Their Beautiful Puppies

It does not matter which species one belongs to: the mother is, for all, a fundamental figure. It is she who brings us into the world, who takes care of us, who often puts us on the right path to becoming the people we are. A real lifeline and a certainty we can always count on.

And all of this is not only true for us humans, but certainly for many four-legged creatures as well. The dynamics, affection, security, and patience that a mother gives to her young are a kind of universal language, always wonderful to observe in all its naturalness. It is to these mothers of the animal kingdom that we wanted to dedicate the 17 photos collected below: it may seem obvious but … the mother is still the mother, and these photos show it!

#1. It really looks like she’s hugging him to pose …

image credit: braedyns/reddit

#2. They all sleep in the same position: impossible to say that they are not a family!

image credit: devsmic/reddit

#3. A very sweet family moment!

image credit: starstarstar42/reddit

#4. He has just been born but is already full of affection for his mother …

image credit: Brashoc/reddit

#5. He shows it to everyone, full of pride!

image credit: reddit

#6. They also want to be in the photo!

image credit: izzummurloc/reddit

#7. A scene reminiscent of a very famous animated film!

image credit: Zdaeg/reddit

#8. Mom and three children: a simply irresistible “gang”!

image credit: reddit

#9. Even though the colors are reversed a bit, it is clear that they are mother and son!

image credit: YazmindaHenn/reddit

#10. Two super-caring parents and above all very proud of their beautiful litter!

image credit: ReinsertsGrantArtifi/reddit

#11. Like mother, like children!

image credit: abbitronn / reddit

#12. My cat Phoebe has decided to adopt babies that are not hers: she treats them like she is the real mom!

image credit: squish-squish-beep/reddit

#13. Yes, these are my beautiful little ones!

image credit: reddit

#14. Family moments!

image credit: Imgur

#15. Truly a super-mom: 18 puppies!

image credit: dlbrhm/reddit

#16. The wise expression of the mother, and the liveliness of her child!

image credit: SayianPrincess19/reddit

#17. All ready when mom calls!

image credit: reddit

Are they not magnificent?

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