15 Modern Sculptures That Bear Witness To How Creativity And Craftsmanship Still Produce Remarkable Works Of Art

Have you ever attended an exhibition of Bernin or Canova? These masters of the art of the past have the merit of having bequeathed to our works of extraordinary mastery. When you see their works, you are captivated by the softness of the shapes and the lightness of the structures as a whole, which makes you forget to look at what was originally a raw marble block and still weighs tons and tons.

But the works of art that cause astonishment are not only those related to the past. Even today, although using different techniques, remarkable works of art are produced. Here is a selection of some of the most beautiful and curious of modern times.

#1. Man’s Journey to Nowhere, by Amrizal Salayan.

#2. Sculpture of a man holding a cell phone, “Network”, Thomas J Price.

#3. “The world is spinning”, Michael Parekowhai

#4. Girl sitting with headphones, Marit Krogh, Oslo

#5. The keepers of time, Manfred Kielnhofer.

#6. A funny sculpture of a group of rabbits.

#7. A drop of metal that seems liquid from all points of view, D&Z Metal Sculpture

#8. A bronze horse that looks like it’s about to knock down a brick wall.

#9. Cumil the sewer worker, Bratislava.

#10. A statue dedicated to all guinea pigs used in laboratories, Novosibirsk, Siberia, Andrew Kharkevich.

image credit: DraftDraw/Reddit

#11. A statue dedicated to the character of Mr. Bean in London, Leicester Square.

image credit: AMTHEGREATEST/Reddit

#12. The sculpture of a plastic bag made of marble, Jud Nelson.

image credit: MilesArdac / Reddit

#13. The Angel of Knives, a statue made by Alfie Bradley with more than 100,000 knives, to raise awareness about the misuse of these weapons.

#14. We are building bridges, Lorenzo Quinn.

#15. A giant rising from underground, “Popped Up”, Ervin Loránth Hervé

image credit: SparklyEyes1274/Reddity

The sculpture is an art that continues to exist and communicate even in modern times! 

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