Misunderstood Photo Editing Geniuses: 15 Cases People Have Going Too Far With Photoshop.

Everyone, sooner or later, wanted to change a photo: there is always a small or a large detail that is wrong and that deserves to be changed. Today, there are many tools that allow touching up, and that are available to everyone. But what if programs like Photoshop are used in an exaggerated way and without special expertise? These 15 images that we have selected may give you an answer: photographic experiments are absurd, and in many cases even funny. There are those who modify the photo to be more beautiful, to impress his network or, quite simply, to have fun: in front of these works we do not know whether we should bow to the imagination or cry for the disconcerting result. .

#1. She wanted to touch up her eyes “lightly” to make them brighter.

image credit: Neckland/reddit

Satisfied with the end result, she posted the photo with her icy eyes on Facebook. After a short while, she realized she had made a disaster.

#2. This fish is definitely too big, but here someone has crossed all the lines.

image credit: imgur

#3. Indeed, they have the pose of two gentlemen in expectation.

image credit: BAhilka / pikabu

#4. A muscular arm prosthesis.

image credit: TheRealJamesWoods/imgur

#5. This person likes to combine animals. Can you guess what he combined here?

image credit: gyyp/reddit

#6. The family portrait that we would all like to have in our home.

image credit: Greentechbuilder/reddit

#7. When you want to show mom that the kids are having fun in the park.

image credit: riceisright56/reddit

The sister-in-law asked her to take a picture of the children, who were at the park with their aunt: we bet she did not expect such a scene.

#8. Able to coax even the fiercest animals.

image credit: TheRealJamesWoods/imgur

#9. The dog is also a skilful swimmer: he has the same grace as dolphins.

image credit: imgur

#10. Someone took this photo, but then decided to add their personal touch to it.

image credit: Autumn Leaves14/reddit

#11. The bear also posed: he wanted to participate in this moment.

image credit: sweet_101/reddit

#12. Abs not quite credible and work on the contours not very convincing.

image credit: hinnsvaringi1/reddit

#13. A cross between a gorilla and a kangaroo.

image credit: DeJMan/reddit

Everyone has their own way of having fun: there are those who like to play sports, go out with their friends, watch a series and those who like to use Photoshop to achieve this kind of work.

#14. What if all animals had a cat’s face?

image credit: mattjh/reddit

#15. The owner wondered what his dog would be like if his size was out of the ordinary.

image credit: Semi Charmedx/reddit

Have you ever had fun editing photos, with such disastrous results?

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