Missing 47-year-old Woman Found In Mountains. She Fed On Moss And Grass For 6 Months.

Do you think it is possible in today’s world to live for months in close contact with the wilderness and feed on what it offers? Judging by the story we’re going to tell you, it looks like it does.

The protagonist is a 47-year-old American who, for about 6 months, was nowhere to be found. She disappeared in a forested area of ​​Utah on November 25, 2020, and everyone had lost touch with her: she literally seemed to have vanished. Until, after months and months of investigation and research, the authorities found out the truth. The woman was alive and, from what came out of it, she had consciously chosen to take a break from civilization.


image credit: Moabdave/Wikimedia

Grass, moss, and river water: this is how the 47-year-old woman ate for almost six months. His car found parked near a campground in the Diamond Fork area of ​​Spanish Fork Canyon in late November, which immediately sparked a search in the area.

The police and all those involved in these activities traveled by land and air, to no avail. Even questioning the woman’s direct contacts proved unnecessary: ​​family, friends, and former co-workers could not provide any information useful for the research.


image credit: Utah County Sheriff’s Office

It was therefore not possible to determine whether the 47-year-old was the victim of an accident, got lost, or deliberately made her tracks disappear after leaving the car. ” We weren’t expecting anything good,” said Sgt. Spencer Cannon, “in situations like this often the people we find have had a bad ending.”


image credit: Utah County Sheriff’s Office

So it is not hard to imagine the amazement of the authorities and the volunteers involved in the search when, after six months, they found the woman alive and well, who had spent the harsh winter in the mountains, nourishing what she could collect in nature. The umpteenth patrol carried out using a drone has borne fruit: the device has indeed identified a camping tent, the “home” of the missing 47-year-old woman.


image credit: Utah County Sheriff’s Office

According to authorities, the woman was immediately taken to the hospital for all appropriate medical examinations, given the conditions she had been living in for months. “To a lot of people it might seem absurd to live like this,” Cannon said again, “but she hasn’t done anything illegal.”


image credit: Fox 13 News Utah/Youtube

It is truly amazing to think that she could have survived, and it certainly takes a lot of courage – and maybe even a bit of “madness” – to make such a decision and get away from everything and everyone. We do not know if the woman will decide to return to live there: what is certain is that she has given the world a remarkable example of her ability to adapt!

Source used:


 Utah County Sheriff’s Office

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