20 Funny Photos Of Mischievous Cats Who Preferred To Sleep In Alternative Bunks With No Apparent Logic

Cats spend most of their day sleeping, the rest of the time is spent playing and tenderly disturbing their owners. The most curious thing, the logic of which we often try to understand, is that they sleep in the most unthinkable places. Despite the fact that their masters buy them the softest and most spacious berths, they always choose to curl up in the weirdest places: in the plant pot, inside shoe boxes, on clothes or frying pans, inside plastic or cardboard bags. But what is the logic behind this choice? Certainly to annoy the masters: however pretty and comfortable the bunk is, they will always choose the least suitable place.

#1. Why sleep in your own bunk when you can sneak into the poor rabbit’s? And the cat seems to be very happy about it.

image credit: harry02260213/reddit

#2. It looks like an egg carton: Sure cats are tiny, but can they really all get comfortable all together in there?

image credit: chocolatemilkwhore/reddit

#3. The bunk is right there: high, soft and inviting to nap. But the cat chooses to lie down on the sheet of paper.

image credit: brick-house34/reddit

#4. This container seems to have been created just for him: the head that comes out of it is a real touch of style.

image credit: dandragons/reddit

#5. Although there are plants, which might be uncomfortable, he doesn’t care: the planter seems to be able to contain him perfectly.

image credit: imgur

#6. This time, too, the soft bunk is very close, but this cat chooses to rest on the shoebox lid.

image credit: justcallmeaunty/reddit

#7. Why lie down on a bunk when the masters’ underwear is just as comfortable and fragrant? To upset them, of course.

image credit: bex1979/reddit

#8. You can buy them all the berths in the world, but when there is a cardboard box nearby, there is no photo: it will always be more comfortable.

image credit: OurInsectOverlords/reddit

#9. Here he is, looking deceptively innocent, for he knows he has just given his loving masters a great disappointment.

image credit: THUB/imgur

#10. The shoebox is old-fashioned, the pizza box can be a quirky bunk too. What a deceitful look he has!

image credit: mmmel/imgur

#11. The teacher says this cat has five bunks, but he always chooses to sleep on the printer.

image credit: jenpriester/reddit

#12. Here’s another sneaky look: the blue bunk obviously couldn’t satisfy his curious needs.

image credit: kitchimiaocat/instagram

#13. The bunk is right next to invite him to sleep, but he chooses something alternative: a salad bowl.

image credit: porchmoo/ reddit

#14. But how do you explain all this attraction for cardboard boxes?

image credit: RockerElvis/reddit

#15. No matter how small the cardboard box is, the cat will always find a way to squeeze in and get comfortable. What we do not do to upset the masters! …

image credit: imgur

#16. It has a gorgeous multi-story cat tree right behind it, but plastic bags (like cardboard ones) have an irresistible appeal.

image credit: hispanglotexan/reddit

#17. He’s also been caught in the act and seems to be saying “Mum thanks for the bunk but I’m fine here too, will you forgive me?”

image credit: laritd/reddit

#18. We didn’t know that shoes could be comfortable too. But when you have to leave the owners speechless, cats always find a way.

image credit: shhhgraboids/imgur

#19. Another cat who preferred a strange and uncomfortable bag to a soft, welcoming bunk. We would just like to know why.

image credit: cthulhu_s/reddit

#20. There is a soft and cuddly bed but he decides to sneak into a cold steel pan …

image credit: DOGLEISH/reddit

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