25 Minimalist Tattoos Perfect For Discreet People

You are going to want to get a tattoo after seeing this gallery.

Although in recent years, tattooing has become more normal every day, since it is a form of expression, there are those who prefer to have something that is not so big or flashy. We understand it, it is your personality but you also want to wear something that represents a lot to you.

In the following gallery, you will see 25 small tattoo ideas that are so great that you could be inspired by one to capture your idea more accurately when you arrive with your tattoo artist. Keep sliding so you can see them and discover which one may be for you.

#1. A little luck to take it everywhere.

#2. Are you a lover of the universe?

#3. Something simple that can mean a lot.

#4. A promise worn on the skin.

#5. Your favorite song.

#6. The first sound you remember fondly.

#7. The initial of someone important to you.

#8. Bring your favorite flower.

#9. A guide that we all need.

#10. How do you call this insect in your country?

#11. Always carry your desire to travel.

#12. A reminder to smile.

#13. A small moon and the Earth.

#14. The cutest carrot you will see today.

#15. Simple but cute.

#16. Something that won’t hurt a bit maybe.

#17. The art of simplicity.

#18. Or a fashion accessory.

#19. A place that you remember fondly.

#20. Something more than a point.

#21. So that you remember your pets.

#22. A small sample of your fandom.

#23. Something small but full of color.

#24. In times of inclusion what better way to wear it on the skin

#25. A love that lasts forever.

Which one did you like the most? Surely after seeing this gallery you will already have more than one idea to bring it to your skin. Share this note with your friends to find out which ones they would like.

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