Miniature Worlds Amid Ordinary Objects: 17 Spectacular Works By This Artist.

Who said that an object must always remain the same and cannot be transformed into something else? Sometimes all it takes is a good dose of imagination to give new life to the most obvious and mundane things. Look around you and change your perspective: imagine everything from the point of view of creatures much smaller than us, and create micro-worlds from the objects you use every day.

It’s not easy, is it? And that takes a lot of imagination. This is exactly what Peter Csakvari, the artist and photographer we are going to introduce to you, uses every day to create his very special works. What is it about? These are miniature scenes featuring small characters caught in the most varied actions and poses, in the midst of many common objects. Desks, cables, food, plants, cigarette butts, and much more: the “scenery” of these photos is 100% realistic, and we can only be fascinated by what the mini-characters of the series are doing ” Tiny Wasteland ” created by Peter. Are you ready to dive into its small-big world?

#1. All at work to insert the cable into the socket!

image credit: tinywasteland/Instagram

It really looks like these little characters are struggling to put on a very simple – but for the very heavy! – USB cable.

#2. Preparations in the kitchen

When LEGO bricks become original cookers!

#3. A very special mini-campsite

“I spent three years creating a project called Tiny Wasteland, explains Peter Csakvari. This series features miniature characters placed next to everyday objects to create the illusion of microscopic worlds.”

#4. Skating… on soup!

#5. It’s time to fix the fungus!

Really fascinating, isn’t it?

#6. A mini-scene of daily life

image credit: tinywasteland/Instagram

Everyone sits around the chilli, enjoy!

#7. Water fun in miniature!

“I’ve been asked how I get these scenic objects,” Peter explained, “because they’re so unusually specific. I used to buy them from model shops, but now I 3D print them myself.”

#8. A good movie on the “big” screen is all it takes!

Even though it’s actually just a smartphone…

#9. It’s time to dive into a cocktail!

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#10. A tough job in the middle of an office.

Simple objects that we use every day on our work table have become the setting for an amazing scene!

#11. A “hole” in the middle and cracks around it.

Let’s hope this micro-worker knows what he’s doing on this sheet!

#12. The weight of a cigarette butt!

Csakvari started out as a food photographer, and that’s where the idea for “Tiny Wasteland” came from. “Creating these little worlds is my hobby, my place of happiness, my job, my future, and it means a lot to me,” he admitted.

#13. What’s in it?

#14. Another curious scene of work on the desk.

image credit: tinywasteland/Instagram

Erasers to move, pencils and pens like tubes, notebooks like the ground. You’ll never look at your desk the same way again!

#15. Gardening!

#16. Mont Cabbage!

Will everyone manage to reach their green peak?

#17. The perfect place to have fun with a sled!

What do you think of these amazing miniature scenes? Which impressed you the most?

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