Company Transforms Metal Containers Into Smart And Sustainable Swimming Pools.

One of the main challenges for designers is to use objects that are old, disused, or usually associated with other functions, and transform them into something completely new. Metal containers used for transporting goods lend themselves very well to being redesigned, placed in new places, and used for new purposes. There are people, designers, and architects who use them to create minimalist homes, small but with all the comforts you need. Today we want to tell you about a company based in Vancouver – Canada – that recycles single-use containers to build amazing swimming pools.


image credit: Modpools/Facebook

Containers have long been used in various ways: with their square lines, they lend themselves very well to reinterpretation. In addition, they represent a sustainable alternative to traditional materials. This company has chosen to transform them into durable and customizable swimming pools. Its founder, Paul Rathnam, had been working in the container business for some time. Then he came up with the idea: why not transform them into elegant and sustainable swimming pools?


image credit: Modpools/Facebook

Most of the time, the company recycles shipping containers which are typically used only once and then discarded. By turning them into swimming pools, however, the company extends its life cycle by at least 30 years. Not only are they durable, but they are also smart: on the company’s website, it says that swimming pools are designed to be “plug-n-play”, which means that everything you need to operate your swimming pool is integrated and that it is not necessary to buy it separately.


image credit: Modpools/Facebook

The pools are equipped with a pump and filtration system, heating and color-changing LED lighting to create new and evocative atmospheres. And that’s not all: swimming pools are also smart because they are equipped with an app that allows the owner to regulate the water temperature or the lighting directly from their mobile phone.


image credit: Modpools

The swimming pools can be personalized according to the needs of the customer: stairs, a partition, a transparent wall, a spa section are all possible. In short: Modpools are not only good-looking, functional, and smart, they are also a sustainable alternative.

source used: modpools

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