Meet Peabody, The Smallest Horse In The World Who Thinks He’s A Dog

What comes to your mind when you think of a horse? Probably a powerful animal with a thick mane, running through the woods with its shiny coat. It is the “classic”, and perhaps a little romantic, view that we all have from horses: it is the result of what we know and what we have seen with our own eyes. And yet, nature sometimes plays tricks on us, very cute tricks. This is Peabody, a “miniature horse” who seems to have his own identity crisis: he behaves exactly like a dog, and with his sweet appearance and funny personality he has managed to brighten the day for thousands of people.


image credit: faithfulminis / TikTok

Peabody is the smallest horse in the world, and his mother has stopped caring for him for this very reason. When he was born he was so small he couldn’t even feed himself, his legs were crooked, and he didn’t seem to have much hope. But luckily for him, he met Faith Smith, a 55-year-old woman who breeds several of these horses. She was aware that horses, by their nature, cannot be kept indoors, but Peabody was a special case: he probably wouldn’t survive outdoors for long. Faith, therefore, decided to take him home with her .


image credit: faithfulminis / TikTok

Despite initial difficulties and veterinarians’ doubts, Peabody began his new life in the company of three French Bulldogs. Thanks to special clogs, he no longer had any motor difficulties and this allowed him to run in the garden with his new friends without too much difficulty. As he grew older, his jawbone developed and the little horse no longer had any difficulty in eating. 


image credit: SWNS/Youtube

Peabody is the smallest horse in the world with a dog’s soul: in the morning he walks with the bulldogs, then rests on the sofa with them, plays with his hooves, and eats from his bowl. Faith says that the horse is very lively, sometimes too lively: he likes to grab objects with his mouth and throw them in all directions. Although he does get into some trouble, this funny animal has been a great gift for the woman, and knowing that she has given him new life and made him happy is his greatest satisfaction.

source used: Metro

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