18 Times Marketing And Packaging Made Us Regret Our Purchases

It is said that advertising is the soul of commerce, and in many cases, we can not agree with this statement. A product presented correctly, with the right slogan, the right logo, and the right image is certainly much more likely to appeal to consumers. And today we are so surrounded, and to some extent dependent, on advertising imagery that we often believe it almost blindly.

But it is precisely in these moments that we often make mistakes. Who has not had the feeling of having done a good buy, to look forward to using and discover then, with great disappointment and even a little angry, he was deceived by strategies marketing and “clever” ways of presenting products? If you have recognized yourself in this situation, don’t worry: you are not alone. Whether it’s online shopping or products on display in stores, keep your eyes peeled for deception is always possible. Confections sold as “big promos”, expectations betrayed by reality, and much more.

#1. Half-full package only

image credit: mickturner96/reddit

Okay, no one expects packaging full of products, but this is really misleading. What is the point of this big package?

#2. A single row of paper clips

image credit: notITSJULZ / reddit

An image to say the least sensational: believing to have bought a box full of paper clips, one opens it and one finds this. Almost the whole box is filled with cardboard!

#3. “XXL” packaging: are we really sure? It is only a little bigger than the normal one!

image credit: Spageeetti/reddit

#4. Hide first

image credit: enebralupo/reddit

An intelligent arrangement of the packaging so as not to show that inside there are fewer slats than they appear on the outside: congratulations!

#5. When we think that all the cakes are like the first in the line, we open the box and we realize that it was a deception …

image credit: Molly-Boo/reddit

#6. “Handmade” as a registered trademark

image credit: atsuko_24 / reddit

It says “registered trademark” next to “handmade”. You just have to ignore it to be fooled into believing that these products are truly handmade …

#7. An economical pack? Not really…

image credit: reddit

#8. Another package that promises to save money: in fact, better to take two individual bottles, just look at the price!

image credit: arikia / reddit

#9. Not quite the plush alpaca that I expected …

image credit: Bio-tech1/reddit

#10. Not really the same product, don’t you think?

image credit: reddit

A classic example of a misleading image: on the packaging one way, in reality another!

#11. “Value pack?” … really? From the dimensions this does not appear to be the case

image credit: enemetch/reddit

#12. You open and find a large empty space where you thought you would find chocolates …

image: TheBlackShark_77/reddit

#13. Online shopping: expectations and reality

image credit: 2paws/reddit

Maybe it’s best not to venture out to shop online – the results can be disappointing!

#14. Ravioli carefully placed and wrapped to make the package look full.

image credit: Wings_24/reddit

#15. This is not what we think!

image credit: reddit

These tea boxes, seen from the front, seem full. You just have to turn them around to discover a completely different reality.

#16. Another very sad example of how boxes are “filled” to deceive those who buy them …

image credit: reddit

#17. When you think you’ve bought a box full of markers …

image credit: doFloridaRight/reddit

You just have to open it to discover that in the middle it is empty, and that of the 150 markers promised, there is perhaps only a little more than half …

#18. Even the glasses here were colored on purpose to make it look like there was fruit inside. Incredible, isn’t it?

image credit: reddit

Have you ever come across deceptive products like these? It is true that the producers do everything to sell what they offer on the market, but it sometimes seems to us that they push the bottle a little too far, right?

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