A New Marine Species Discovered In Indonesia. A Giant “Cockroach” Emerges From The Abyss

It’s funny to think that human beings spent so much of their energy exploring the universe and its mysteries before they could understand and study most of the animal species that lurk in the depths of the oceans. There are still so many animal species to be discovered underwater … In 2018, a team of researchers led by the Lee Kong Chian Museum of Natural History  (LKCNHM) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) discovered and cataloged thousands of creatures at 63 different sites in just two weeks. Among these “terrifying” discoveries, that of a giant “cockroach” of the seas which, to this day, has been officially recognized as a new species.


image credit: Facebook / St. John’s Island Marine Laboratory

The average search depth was around 800 meters, but there were points where researchers could explore to a depth of 2,100 meters. Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible to explore the seabed more easily and meet strange creatures that we thought were only the figment of our own imagination. During this expedition, the team of researchers discovered at least 12 new species never seen before, including Bathynomus raksasa , a huge isopod that looks like a cockroach.

NB: these photos have not been retouched … it’s really what it looks like: a real nightmare!


The size of the giant isopod is probably attributed to the lack of natural predators in its habitat – so it is normal for its size to be larger than one would normally expect of other sea creatures.

If you are terrified of the sight of this creature from the deep, take comfort in thinking this: at least it doesn’t fly !

source used: Facebook / St. John’s Island Marine Laboratory

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