Man Punctured The Tires Of More Than 1,000 Cars To Meet The Women Driving Them

When it comes to courting, everyone chooses different “tactics” to gain the sympathy of the woman or man of their dreams. There are those who prefer a “classic” approach, made of kindness, sympathy, pleasant conversation, and above all respect and those – like the Japanese of whom we are going to talk to you – who opt for rather drastic solutions, resulting in pure vandalism.

So the 32-year-old in question allegedly punctured thousands of women’s car tires just to be able to keep up with them, offering them help when they stopped, broken down, to replace it. Recidivist behavior, which at some point was unmasked


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Originality and “ploys” to impress a person are fine, but Yoshito Harada really crossed all the lines when he “targeted” a 43-year-old woman – who, for obvious reasons, remained anonymous – and decided to “woo” her … by puncturing a tire in her car. The unfortunate girl did not go very far before finding herself with a broken-down car.

It’s hard, in these situations, to find a good soul to stop and help us out of trouble, but for the woman, it just was. Too bad the amiable collaborator was the very one who had tampered with his tire, a man who was anything but selfless. However, when the same scenario happened for the second time, the 43-year-old became very suspicious .


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Same dynamic, same author: Yoshito punctured the woman’s tire for the second time in a year, followed her and offered to change it. A real deja-vu for her, who became suspicious and alerted the police. The “rider” who had offered to help him was anything but there by chance, as the surveillance cameras of the parking lot where the man punctured the tire confirmed .

Identified and questioned at the time, Harada immediately admitted what he had done, claiming it was just an excuse to meet the woman. But the surprises were not over yet. When the story first broke, it was discovered that the 32-year-old was no stranger to this kind of “move”. Many people have reported similar suspicious cases, and the man’s own lawyer later admitted that he had punctured his tires a thousand times , eager to approach female drivers


image credit: Santeri Viinamäki / Wikimedia – Archive image

The man was therefore arrested when in 2013 he had already received a warning and had been forced to compensate his victims without being imprisoned. We can only hope that this man will learn to respect the women he wants to know, without having to approach them with disturbing stratagems …

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