Man Or Dog On The Run? This Optical Illusion Can Tell Us A Lot About Our State Of Mind

Who has never been the victim of an optical illusion? This is not a question of poor cognitive skills, nor of confusion: simply our brain, sometimes, is not able to decipher with precision what is in front of our eyes, which gives us a perception far from reality, distorted and deceptive.

And it’s really fun to test yourself with games, images, and situations that are able to make us doubt, even for a few moments, the true nature of the scenes we are watching. What we are going to present is one of many examples, and it is an image which, as often happens in these cases, has succeeded in “dividing” Internet users on its true “identity”. Ready to put yourself to the test?


image credit: nxthompson/Twitter

We are in a natural and snowy winter setting. Among the trees and plants covered in white there is an indefinite figure . What is it exactly? This is the question that many have asked themselves while observing the scene. And this is precisely where internet users are divided.

What do you see there? Is it a black poodle coming towards us or a man running from behind with a backpack on his back?

What we think we see may not always match what the image actually shows. And perhaps this is where the appeal of optical illusions like this lies. At such times, you really have to stop for a few seconds and think about what you are seeing, to give your brain time to decipher everything.

According to the reactions of Internet users, people were divided on the answers. Some people can’t see the man, and others swear they can’t see the dog.


image credit: Jam Press/Terri Barbers – The Sun

What is the truth? To many, this may seem obvious: the image shows a black poodle coming towards us. What appears to be the person’s head is actually the dog’s tail, while the muzzle can be mistaken for the backpack on the human shoulders.

But there is more. Beyond the figures that people see in the photo, the different interpretations also have scientific implications. Psychologist  Lee Chambers said different perceptions can tell a lot about a person’s condition.

The man who runs, and therefore who runs away in a way, could be linked to a state of anxiety of the person who observes him, who therefore feels in a way chased, pursued, threatened. It goes without saying that pessimism and lack of confidence in one’s neighbor are feelings linked to this vision. If your choice is oriented on the dog, on the contrary, according to the psychologist, the opposite feelings will prevail, that is to say more centered on the tranquility, the confidence in the others, the optimism and the good disposition to welcome the novelties and those who come to us.

What do you think? What did you see in the picture? Tell us in the comments.

source used: India Times

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