Baikal Zen Phenomenon. These Stones Are Held In Balance As If By Magic On The Frozen Lake

When we witness certain spectacles that nature offers us, we cannot help but think of how lucky we are to be part of such a varied and wonderful world. Sometimes the elements and landscapes of Earth can look so amazing that we almost find it hard to believe they are real.

This is perfectly demonstrated by ” Baikal Zen “, a phenomenon as rare as it is limited to a very precise area, namely that of the Siberian Lake Baikal , one of the largest in the world in terms of area and depth, inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of the Seven Wonders of Russia. It is almost taken for granted that it is very cold in these regions. And it is precisely when temperatures drop dramatically and the lake freezes on the surface that the wonderful “magic” occurs.


Do you have in mind the piles of stones placed on top of each other in perfect balance in a typically Zen atmosphere? If the answer is yes, the link to this phenomenon is obvious, as is its name. When Lake Baikal freezes, it is possible to notice several rocks that rest on the surface, remaining as if by magic on glacial “bases” .


Just look at the photos: these stones emerge from the surface of the lake, and seem to sway on special pieces of ice that keep them in balance.


The final effect is like an incredible levitation of the stones . Imagine being there, in a fascinating and typically winter setting: these “Zen” stones are the perfect decoration for such a setting!


But how can such a thing happen? This incredible phenomenon which seems to defy the force of gravity is, first of all, only a consequence of the great cold that reigns in these Siberian places. The strong winds blowing here push the stones to the surface of Lake Baikal, and this is when the parts of the stones not exposed to the sun and directly in contact with the ice melt with it.


In contrast, the sides affected by sunlight are somehow “highlighted” by the melting of the surrounding ice. In the end, only the characteristic base remains which seems to levitate the stones, shaped both by the wind and the heat produced by the sun.


A true spectacle of nature , a rarity that it is not always possible to observe but which is the source of inspiration for many photographers to immortalize it.


And indeed, we must admit that we could spend hours admiring these “Zen” stones rising above the ice. Don’t they look like scenes of an atmosphere of peace and balance?


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