14 Pictures That A Stroke Of Luck Made Unique.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take photos that impress, of course, having a good camera and some technical knowledge helps. But sometimes luck has a lot to do with it.

So it happens that we immortalize – without knowing it – incredible moments, which we could not have obtained even with the best intention in the world. Here are a few examples of what THE photo you weren’t expecting means.

#1. The selections for the next “Ice Age” are open.

image credit: Sammie_SU / reddit

#2. Awkward attempts to climb on an ostrich

image credit: apples-and-pencils / Reddit

#3. “Tape m’en 5!”

image credit: GallowBoob / reddit

#4. Is it “world beige trench coat day” or what?

image credit: daria_arbuz / Reddit

#5. No, Ed Sheeran hasn’t changed his hairstyle, but a gust of wind gives fan photos a boost

image credit: taliacalandra / Twitter

#6. Animal Party

image credit: granitetide / Twitter

#7. Same pose as in the cartoon

image: ouri2011 / Reddit

#8. The kind of look that says it all …

image credit: Olibobs / Reddit

#9. and 1 and 2 and … 3!

image credit: argentumtum / Reddit

#10. A cast of ice!

image credit: Zaychig / Pikabu

#11. Terrific shot of an insect on the surface of the water

image credit: Jengofitzpatrick / Reddit

#12. A born playwright

image credit: suuuuuuluv / Twitter

#13. A meeting which – we hope – has left no trace

image credit: MichaelRomeroJr1 / Reddit

#14. When the neighbors’ rooster decides to warn …

image credit: Reddit

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