Logic test – how many squares are there in the picture?

Every day people like to test themselves with riddles. Among the most popular are those that relate to logic. In these cases it is not necessary to apply mathematics, but only to reason. The solution is not immediate, you have to rack your brains to be able to give the right answer. The key is to develop what is called lateral thinking, or thinking outside the box.

Game lovers don’t waste time once they find one; they immediately want to test their intelligence. They see them as a challenge against themselves and against time. The more puzzles you solve, the more you become aware of your abilities and the more your self-esteem increases considerably. The first few times you try the puzzles, it will take a while before you find the solution, but after that everything will be more immediate.

Count the number of squares inside the picture and give the correct answer.

Count the number of squares

The image shows a grid inside which three colored squares have been placed. Both the grid and the squares contain smaller squares. The goal is to be able to count them all. The difficulty lies in combining the lines together. You can start counting, but at some point you get confused and lose count.

Very often it seems that giving the correct answer is impossible, but this is not the case. Just when it seems unlikely to find the solution element, the light bulb turns on. It is intuition that leads you to the solution. There is no time limit, take as many moments as necessary, count them scrupulously without getting confused. However, if you have decided to drop out, don’t worry, there will be other opportunities to demonstrate your skills.

If you couldn’t count them all, here is the correct answer.

The solution

The first thing to do is to choose a point from which to start counting. You must first count the squares of the grid, to do this simply multiply the number of columns by the number of rows, i.e. 16. You must add the number of colored squares, then that of the interior squares. . You must then count all the squares formed by the union of 4 squares. Always remember that the grid is a square. You will then have: 16 + 9 + 19 + 1= 45.

Did you give the correct answer?

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