He Looks Like A Wolf But He’s Not. This Rare Chocolate Husky Is A Real Celebrity

When we think of certain animals, we immediately know how to identify them with specific characteristics and details, so that it is impossible to confuse them with others. For example, if we said “husky”, wouldn’t the image of a medium-sized dog, with generally black and white hair and blue eyes immediately spring to mind?

Obviously yes, but the reality is not always so obvious. The very special four-legged friend that we are going to introduce to you is proof of this. Who is he? A 100% husky, but with very different traits than typical of this breed of dog. It is enough to look at the photos to realize that we are dealing with an atypical animal, which has become a real celebrity on the web.


His name is SeQuoi Tenk , What for Friends and he is a rare , wonderful and very special chocolate colored Siberian Husky . A very unusual color, which from afar might even make him look like a wild wolf, but one only has to look at him in his beautiful blue eyes to realize that it is not.


With his human friend Nikki , this dog is a real celebrity on the web. Not only does he have an Instagram account entirely devoted to him, but his adventures are constantly documented when he travels to the United States , or simply when he takes on unusual poses and attitudes.


With over 49,000 subscribers , SeQuoi is a very popular dog indeed. And her unique appearance, it must be said, plays a really big role in her popularity.


What is beautiful, strong and energetic just like a sequoia, from which it takes its name, as Nikki recounted.


“Everywhere we go people stop to look at him and want to pet him; everyone asks me what breed he is, and no one ever believes he is a 100% certified husky.”


But What is not only beautiful, energetic and active. This large dog can be gentle and sensitive. Nikki adopted him as a puppy , and her choice couldn’t have been more fitting. Today they have a very special relationship.


No doubt: with this dog, nature really gave the best of itself!


We don’t know for sure the reason for its unusual color, but what is certain is that we will never stop admiring it!


via: huskyquoi / Instagram

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