The Last Two Northern White Rhinos In The World Have A Real Bodyguard Team

The situation of the northern white rhino is far from encouraging. This subspecies of  Rhinocerotidae  (Ceratotherium simum cottoni ) now has only two individuals in the world, Fatu and Najin, two females who, as often in cases like this, are the target of poachers.

The survival of this animal is therefore literally suspended on a very thin thread, so thin that, for the last survivors, reproduction is only possible by in vitro fertilization techniques. Needless to say, if they were to lose their lives, there would be no more hope. This is why Fatu and Najin enjoy continuous protection, which defends them day and night against unscrupulous individuals who would like to have them as trophies. What is it about? A group of bodyguards, armed and always ready to intervene in case of a threat.


image credit: Dr.Moktar O.Mohamed/Twitter

After living in a zoo in the Czech Republic, Fatu and Najin – mother and daughter – were transferred to Kenya in 2009. It was there that the government of the African country decided it would do everything possible to take care of it. ‘they. Even at the cost of setting up a real team of bodyguards. 


image credit: BBC Earth/Youtube

An armed group of army soldiers watch over them 24 hours a day , defending them from the clutches of poachers. Given their situation, the risk that they will end up being killed by illegal and unscrupulous hunters is indeed more than real.


image credit: BBC Earth/Youtube

Fortunately, they have soldiers alongside them , trained specifically for the task at hand, and who have become the human family of Fatu and Najin.


image credit: BBC Earth/Youtube

Now the mutual trust is such that the two animals have understood that these men are there for them, sacrificing themselves day after day to keep them safe and protected.


image credit: Justin Mott/Twitter

“The soldiers who protect Fatu and Najin take great pride in the work they do,” a report from Media Drum World reads, “these men are truly heroic, and every day they do their best for the animals.” We could not agree more, given the sad and critical situation in which the northern white rhinos find themselves. In the hope that these remaining survivors can reproduce before it is too late, we can only wish them and their brave human guardians the best of luck.

Source used:
The New York Times

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