15 Examples Of Kitchen Failures For Which You Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Cooking, for some, is a pastime that combines taste and fun, an activity that they practice with pleasure and passion, always striving for the best results. For others, in the same way, this is not the case at all. We are talking about those who would do anything not to turn on a stove.

Well: what if the second group of people tries their hand at cooking as a professional chef? The results, with a very good probability, will not be satisfactory, as the pictures we are about to show you show. Real failures in the kitchen where reality has exceeded expectations, but obviously worse! Faced with these small and large catastrophes, both worrying and funny, we do not know whether to laugh or to despair.

#1. They were supposed to be croissants, but I didn’t realize I had to roll them up: they stayed triangular!

image credit: ditlit11134 / reddit

#2. No, this is not the result I was hoping to see after cooking …

image credit: 9999monkeys/reddit

#3. Scary and fun at the same time …

image credit: howierid/reddit

#4. We don’t think the birthday person will be very happy with this cake made for him …

image credit: aant85/reddit

#5. A meatloaf for the less nightmarish!

image credit: londonladse/reddit

#6. Maybe next time it is better to use a dish …

image credit: Imgur

#7. At least he apologized …

image credit: madcowga/reddit

#8. I wanted so much to bake good bread …

image credit: Seeksie/reddit

#9. Eggs capable of haunting us in the worst nightmares!

image credit: Imgur

#10. We are still very far from the goal. Sooner or later … maybe.

image credit: Imgur

#11. I imagined my homemade bread different!

image credit: reddit

#12. Who doesn’t love a good cappuccino with froth? There it is undoubtedly exaggerated …

image credit: Imgur

#13. Something must have gone wrong during the preparation of this “pie” …

image credit: reddit

#14. The image no pasta lover should ever see: cooked in an energy drink …

image credit: murtaza64/reddit

#15. I was making Thai basil chicken, I turned around for a second and my brother put blue food coloring on it. He is 19 years old.

image credit: liamoco123/reddit

Have you ever been the author of little-big culinary blunders like these?

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