This Huge Motorhome Is An Original “Fusion” Between Two Buses, For Comfortable Journeys Full Of Adventure

There are objects and situations which, in our mind, have the power to immediately evoke specific sensations and suggestions.  Imagine a huge, typically American-style motorhome, long and capable of accommodating large families doesn’t such an idea make you want to travel?

If the answer is yes, know that there is a vehicle that embodies the spirit of travel so much, and which is the result of two buses assembled, one on top of the other, for unforgettable journeys!


image credit: Facebook

Such a means of transport really does exist, and the photos we have collected here prove it. This is a historic vehicle in the world of American motorhomes and buses: the GMC Scenicruiser. An actual bus, dating from 1955, which was literally “merged” with another historic US-made public transport, the 1949 General American Aerocoach.


image credit: Twelve Tribes website

Two buses in one, therefore, to create one huge and picturesque motorhome! His name is The Peacemaker II, and his name already says a lot about the hippie spirit he embodies.


image credit: Twelve Tribes website

The transformation of these vehicles was desired and put into practice by Twelve Tribes, a group of peaceful, traveling, and free-spirited people modern “flower power”, in short.


image credit: Twelve Tribes website

The first and original Peacemaker dates from 1987 and this one, in burgundy and beige, is a very successful reissue. With over 500,000 miles driven , this is a vehicle that really knows how to get noticed.


image credit: Twelve Tribes website

Inside, the rustic style and the many wooden elements make it an incredibly welcoming place, but also plenty of space for guests and objects. In short: the Peacemaker is a vehicle that, at a glance, spreads love, peace, sympathy, and the desire to travel, in a perfect hippie philosophy are you ready to go?


image credit: Twelve Tribes website

source of used: Twelve Tribes

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