15 Jobs So Poorly Designed, It’s Hard To Believe They Even Got Paid

We are not here to criticize the mistakes of others. The mistake is perfectly normal, it can happen to anyone and in any situation: what matters is rather to make sure that the same mistake does not happen again.

However, there are some mistakes that we cannot deny that weigh more than others. Especially when it comes to mistakes that are not made for a distraction of fractions of a second, but mistakes that suggest complete inattention down the line. Here is a series of pictures of some of the most striking mistakes that cannot really be forgiven.

#1. To cook, you have to enter the wooden staircase.

#2. An applause for those who poured the asphalt and those who painted the signage.

#3. Three cameras mounted in virtually the same location.

#4. The new trumps the old: whoever did this work must be a misunderstood genius.

#5. Hand sanitizer available to the public: not really …

image credit: imgur

#6. A manhole cover is enough to prevent flooding: yes, if it is designed correctly!

image credit: imgur

#7. The fact that the water jet did not come out completely from the sink must have been enough for the person who carried out this work.

image credit: imgur

#8. Lights that illuminate … the field. One wonders if these road works were paid for with public money!

image credit: imgur

#9. An external staircase connecting only two floors.

image credit: imgur

#10. If the owner of the house cannot open the door because he is in the bathroom, he can at least notify the guests.

image credit: imgur

#11. You don’t have to be a basketball expert to know where the hoop should be mounted.

image credit: imgur

#12. It would be curious to know the necessity of having so many manholes in such a small space.

image credit: Fraklordyt/Reddit

#13. Beautiful steps … which cannot be seen because of the tiles chosen.

image credit: Paarnahkrin/Reddit

#14. To withdraw money from the bank, customers have to do acrobatics.

image credit: d3yv3l/Reddit

#15. An adaptation necessary to make the toilet usable for men too.

image credit: 560guy/reddit

It’s hard to imagine that these mistakes were made because of a simple oversight!

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