It’s Not Just Elephants: Can You See The Heart Hidden In This Picture?

Fans of visual games are familiar with Gergely Dudás , the young Hungarian artist who became famous on the web thanks to his illustrations in the form of puzzles .

His “trick” is to hide an object in a friendly flock of sheep, an unlikely herd of deer, or other groups of fantastic animals.

For us, it is a real challenge to find the solution in such a funny, but also chaotic landscape!


image credit: Gergely Dudás – Dudolf

In this case, we present to you a friendly herd of elephants that hides a little heart. Can you see it? At first glance, this is an easy search, but if you don’t have a lot of patience and a detective’s eye, don’t even try!
Gergely Dudás’ illustrations have become famous online thanks to his comic book characters and their pastel colors, but also for the difficulty of finding the solution to his visual games.

They say it’s not easy to find a needle in a haystack. But it is also not easy to see a snake among the turtles or a butterfly among the sunflowers: so many inventions of Dudás. In these drawings, our gaze is diverted by the overabundance of characters and visual information. It becomes very difficult to find a solution.

This puzzle seems to be one of the most difficult he has ever done. In the drawing, he drew dozens of dark pink, light pink, purple and white elephants: an attractive and likable illustration.

Some wear top hats, others read the newspaper, and many wear wreaths. Many butterflies brighten up the landscape. Altogether, they hide a little heart in the midst of their flock.

This illustrator is a true artist in his work. Hidden objects are usually so integrated into the drawing that it is not easy to see them. However, Dudàs skillfully uses optical illusions to create a game that is still very intriguing and has become a passion for many. Experience it: you will see that at the first glance – but also at the second and third – you will be lost in your search.

If you give up, you can see below the “solution” that Gergely offers to the less patient for all his drawings/puzzles to see where the heart is. Once you locate the object – as if by magic – you won’t be able to miss it!


image credit: Gergely Dudás – Dudolf

He’s there ! Were you able to spot it without looking at the solution?

source used: Gergely Dudás – Dudolf

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