Italian Designer Presents Amphibious Solar-powered Catamaran. It’s Super-luxurious And Can Go Anywhere

It is seldom believed that a vehicle can move with agility both on water and on land. Of course, there are exceptions, and over the years there has been no shortage of projects that have made it possible to create curious, special, and innovative amphibious vehicles, but the one that we are going to present to you is truly exclusive. Not only because it costs a fortune, but also because it packs some unique and futuristic features.

At first glance, it looks like a modern catamaran, but in fact, the ” Pagurus ” is much more than that. Not only is it able to move at high speed in the water, but it can also do so in muddy and sandy terrain, relying on solar energy. If you’re curious, let’s take a closer look at this incredible hybrid vehicle with its assertive and sporty design.


image credit: PAGURUS – Lazzarini Design Studio

The Pagurus is the work of Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, specializing in the design of state-of-the-art nautical vehicles, like an ultra-luxurious swan-like yacht that has already made a name for itself. This special catamaran is certainly not to be outdone, as its unique and particular characteristics demonstrate.

At 25 meters in length, this boat – although it is reductive to call it that – uses solar energy coupled with two traditional diesel engines. A propulsion system that allows it to reach a maximum speed of 24 knots.


image credit: PAGURUS – Lazzarini Design Studio

What makes this vehicle special, however, is its versatility. In the submerged parts of the hulls, there are several rotating cylinders. It is precisely these elements that, thanks to the friction with the water, can generate energy to recharge the batteries of the catamaran during navigation. But that’s not all.


image credit: PAGURUS – Lazzarini Design Studio

When the Pagurus disembarks, it does not need to stay moored in the water. The special cylinders, in effect, lower and turn into the catamaran’s “wheels” , allowing it to go where its traditional counterparts could never go.


image credit: PAGURUS – Lazzarini Design Studio

In addition to the energy generated by the cylinders, there is also the energy supplied by the sun, which helps the Pagurus to fuel itself thanks to solar panels mounted on its emerged surfaces.


image credit: PAGURUS – Lazzarini Design Studio

The central body houses the spaces dedicated to the wheelhouse, while the hulls can accommodate up to three bedrooms, a galley and a bathroom , for a total of eight passengers and four crew members .


image credit: PAGURUS – Lazzarini Design Studio

Everything is made of steel and carbon fiber , advanced materials that make this vehicle both light and efficient.


image credit: PAGURUS – Lazzarini Design Studio

It goes without saying that to get your hands on such a machine, with its super innovative design and advanced technology, you need an investment that is certainly not within the reach of everyone. According to Lazzarini, the Pagurus can be built to order for around 24 million euros .


image credit: PAGURUS – Lazzarini Design Studio

This special catamaran is a luxury reserved for a few chosen ones , it’s true, but it certainly manages to arouse everyone’s curiosity, a little for its aesthetics, a little for the luxury and the potential it contains! Who wouldn’t want to take a ride in such a vehicle?

source used: Lazzarini Design Studio

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