20 Dissected Objects That Revealed Incredible Compositions Inside

In everyday life, we use or come in contact with a multitude of objects, the exact function, and composition of which we probably do not know. For example, have you ever seen the interior of a car, typewriter, or pearl?

In this gallery you will see objects from another point of view that will reveal the hidden side of things, so here are 20 images of objects cut in half.

#1. This is how space vehicles absorb hits from debris

image credit: Cropitekus/Reddit

#2. A poppy cut in half!

image credit: RyanSmith/Reddit

#3. Have you ever wondered how typewriters work? Apparently it’s not as easy as it sounds ….

image credit: crystalandrockyfinds/Reddit

#4. The part of the branch of a tree where fern had grown

image credit: Joe Lipson/Flickr

#5. A vase where several layers of flower bulbs have been planted

image credit: commoninja352/Reddit

#6. The tail of the rattlesnake is made of keratin, the same substance that makes up human fingernails.

image credit: sverdrupian / Reddit

#7. A huge wasp nest now abandoned

image credit: sverdrupian / Reddit

#8. A submarine power cable before being placed in the ocean

image credit: sverdrupian / Reddit

#9. A scanner laid bare without an external structure

image credit: Chap82/Reddit

#10. This is how a gasoline lighter is made

image credit: Townshend445/Reddit

#11. The interior of a cactus ….

image credit: Scout6feetup/Reddit

#12. A fragment of the Fukang meteorite. It is estimated that asteroid is 4.5 billion years old …

image credit: SovreignTripod/Reddit

#13. Section of the trunks of a banana tree

image credit: RyanSmith/Reddit

#14. This New Zealand rock has been split perfectly in half!

image credit: pitcher654/Reddit

#15. This is how a fireworks display is made up inside.

image credit: Dannythegirl/Reddit

#16. Part of a real war chariot!

image credit: RaymondPowellIII

#17. The composition of one of the many metal cables that support the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (USA)

image credit: jaykirsch

#18. The section of an elegant Land Rover all-terrain vehicle

#19. Have you ever wondered how lenses and cameras are made?

#20. A pearl is in fact nothing more than a small grain of sand or other micro-organisms covered by the secretions of certain molluscs.

Did you know what was hiding inside these objects?

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