Is This Photo In Color Or Black And White? The Optical Illusion That Confused And Amused Many People.

How would you respond if asked if this photo was in color or black and white? Stuart Humphryes, a British artist, shared the image on Twitter, explaining that it demonstrates “the illusion of the color assimilation grid”. Our visual apparatus, in fact, completes the missing information by making us see color even where it is not present. So, we are sure to see green even where it has not been put.

In reality, it is therefore a simple black and white photo on which a colored grid has been placed.


image credit: Chuwa (Francis) licensed by CC BY SA 2.0/ StuartHumphryes Twitter

There are those who are certain that reality is what they see in front of their eyes. Too bad this is only an “illusion” and the reality is not so simple. Our visual apparatus has a number of functions that allow us to decipher situations that are different from what they really are. A type of “deception” that the Ancients were well aware of and against which they knew how to take action.

Specialists have now identified different types of optical illusions when they are caused by phenomena that deceive the eye and therefore do not depend on human physiology. They are perceptual, in that they are generated by the physiology of the eye. For example, images that can be seen by closing the eyes after staring at a very bright and contrasting image. They are cognitive when they are due to the brain’s interpretation of images such as impossible figures and paradoxes of perspective.

These are phenomena that everyone has experienced with their eyesight: it is enough to plunge an arm into the water to see a “deformation” of the limb; or the sensation of seeing water on an Internet road Many artists have used optical illusions in their paintings, making them mysterious and magical. Among the best known are Maurits Cornelis Escher, Salvador Dalí and Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Black and white / color photography quickly went viral. Many amused internet users made an ironic comment on the initiative: “If I had known this before, I wouldn’t have bought an overpriced color television, but I would have simply drawn a colored grid on the screen.” wrote a surfer. In short, this work has been appreciated and intrigued by thousands of people.

source used: StuartHumphryes/Twitter

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