20 Inventions That Attempt To Redefine Everyday Life With Imagination And A Lot Of Creativity.

In life, we must know how to adapt to the thousand difficulties of things, even the smallest, which are part of our daily habits. For this reason, those who have an artistic or creative vein can not do without inventing, creating, conceiving small and large solutions to improve everyday life in the most original and imaginative way possible. Here are some inventions that perfectly combine functionality and creativity.

#1. An unforgettable intimate moment for all dinosaur lovers!

image credit: Tom__and__jerry / reddit

#2. A ramp which “describes” the panorama of Naples to blind people

image credit: Daveloon13 / reddit

#3. What am I going to do with this old junk heap now? A portal, of course!

image credit: yellowpig10 / reddit

#4. These security cameras have been “transformed” into futuristic planes!

image credit: BoredKeyboard / reddit

#5. Hurry through this friendly alley inspired by video games!

image credit: OneArmedLopen / reddit

#6. A truly unique staircase in this library in Porto, Portugal

image credit: juk19882006 / reddit

#7. Passage for people carrying a suitcase!

image credit: brophie97 / reddit

#8. How to make a cute dream catcher with paper clips found in the office!

image credit: tcorts / reddit

#9. Truly ingenious public toilets: they were made from an old disused barrel!

image credit: Nomaddux / reddit

#10. A very nice detail above the license plate of this car: the P di Punto looks like a person behind the wheel!

image credit: Chewztuh / reddit

#11. Don’t know where to buy a stand for your tablet? How about a curved fork?

image credit: projectolivine/Reddit

#12. Whoever made this bike deserves the top creativity prize!

image credit: Mr.Poodle_Pants/Reddit

#13. Don’t know how to properly close your garage door? All you need is a padlock and a key!

image credit: superkaifas/Reddit

#14. My 12 year old son modified his bike to ride barefoot without hurting himself: just cut an old carpet into squares!

image credit: flagrerite / Reddit

#15. The optician we would all like to go to, without a doubt!

image credit: wire / Reddit

#16. Look at this cute little wooden table in the shape of a bird!

image credit: ViddyDoodah/Reddit

#17. A cup … hanging!

image credit: Panda_911/Reddit

#18. A Rubik’s cube which also acts as an object holder: it only opens when you solve the puzzle!

image credit: Mattp11111/Reddit

#19. These ingenious sneakers are waterproof!

Image credit: night-Hewitt / account

#20. The separator of these iPhone headphones is shaped like a heart

image credit: Unknown/Reddit

Surely we already have a podium for the most original and imaginative creations, don’t you think?

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