14 Ingenious Renovations That Transformed Anonymous Pieces Into Designer Gems

Revamping your interior, adapting it to a more modern taste or simply because it has bored us, has a significant effect on mood and productivity. Whether it’s a home or a workplace, doing renovations every few years can help our mind “regenerate”, bringing in a new energy.

In this gallery, we have collected 14 renovation interventions that particularly impressed us and which describe exactly that feeling of “freshness” that we are talking about.

#1. In this case, the rectangular sink saves space, and the use of the light color gives cleanliness and light.

image credit: leclairdecor / instagram

#2. The use of white appears to double the size of the room.

#3. By eliminating a wall and increasing the contrast between the wall and the bricks, the effect is totally different.

#4. Also in this case we can see how white is a color to choose in the case of the bathroom.

image credit: leclairdecor / instagram

#5. The bricks are really stylish.

image credit: ourhavenbliss / instagram

#6. This tiny bathroom takes on a whole new look with a panoramic view.

image credit: ALE design / facebook

#7. Replacing closed cupboards with shelves (as long as they are kept in order) gives the environment a lot of space.

image credit: therealswfl / instagram

#8. In this case, the attic has even been split in half with a wall and a sliding door, but the space seems to have increased rather than decreased.

#9. An elegant and uniform color gives the environment a much more polished appearance.

image credit: harrishouses2homes / instagram

#10. The walk-in closet is an impossible place to keep tidy … if you don’t have the right furniture!

image credit: modernglamhome / instagram

#11. You have to concentrate to understand that it is the same part!

image credit: melisaclementdesigns / instagram

image credit: laureltracehome / instagram

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