15 Incredible Photos That Show Us The Disarming Beauty Of Mother Nature.

We can say with certainty that the planet we live on is truly an invaluable treasure and full of surprises; traveling on all continents, we are continually overwhelmed by landscapes and natural beauties of incomparable value, artistic places and fleeting moments of great beauty that only the lucky ones have managed to immortalize.

If discovering the beauties of our planet is your passion, this incredible photo gallery is for you!

#1. With the arrival of summer, the desire for the sea also arrives. This is what surfers see when they are under a wave!

#2. This impressive color palette at sunset in a Polish countryside appears to come from a painting by Van Gogh.

#3. During the winter season, Lake Baikal in Russia is completely covered with huge patches of ice that seem to come out of a fairy tale.

#4. The most beautiful lake in the world? It is located in Australia, it is pink and is called Hutt Lagoon.

#5. A squirrel sees its reflection in the water … and creates a symmetrical and deeply poetic image!

#6. A photograph that seems to stop space and time to create a hymn to the plasticity of the movement of the Japanese drummer.

image credit: uncovery/Reddit

#7. An erupting volcano in Guatemala creates an extraordinary palette of colors, under a starry night sky.

#8. Romania is one of the most surprising countries in Europe with all its … contrasts!

#9. Among the most enchanting places in South America, here are the extraordinary colors of Vinicunca, called “rainbow mountain”, in Peru.

image credit: nickargiresphoto / Reddit

#10. This landing stage in the Baltic Sea looks like a ghostly procession, but in reality it’s just the magic of the ice on the pier.

#11. Calm before the wave!

#12. A rather greedy raven caught in the act by a hidden camera!

#13. The gills of this mackerel look like a natural net to catch their aquatic prey!

#15. The magic of water bubbles in the sea … It makes you want to burst one 🙂

Which of these images did you like the most? Which one struck you the most?

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