20 Incredible Historical Photographs You Never Seen In Class

One of the most interesting things about looking at photos from our long-forgotten past is that you discover that people haven’t really changed much since the camera came out.

The rare historical photos on this list provide insight into the lives of people around the world, dating back to the 18th century when Lincoln was walking through the northeastern United States, begging people to take photos of him. One of the best things about some of these rare images from history is how they add another way that we can see some of the largest looming figures from the recent past.

Dictators seem less stuffy monsters, and people, like Anne Frank, whom we’ve referred to a specific point in time, can suddenly live full lives. But why read about this when you can take a trip back in time with these cool photos from history?

There are some photos from history burning in our brains: Einstein sticking out his tongue, the boys having lunch on a steel beam, and Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston. But none of those photos are on this list of interesting photos from history. These are the rare historical images that took place out of the reach of the history books.

These photos tell the story of a world that was not simply black and white but contained a vast ocean of civilizations and experiences. Turn your computer into a time machine and enjoy these cool historical photos you probably haven’t seen before.

#1. A test of a Tesla super conductor in 1901.

#2. Underwater detonation of a nuclear bomb.

#3. An illegal photo taken on the pyramids.

#4. 2,800-year-old lovers.

#5. One of the pipes of the Hoover Dam.

#6. Final photo of the Titanic at sea.

#7. Testing a bulletproof vest in 1923.

#8. The moment when they opened the tomb of King Tutankhamun.

#9. The first atomic bomb.

#10. The aftermath of Bonnie and Clyde’s death.

#11. One of the first expeditions to Antarctica.

#12. Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla playing with electricity.

#13. A flying bomb headed towards London in 1945.

#14. German WWI soldiers and their mule, all wearing gas masks.

#15. George Washington being carved on Mount Rushmore.

#16. The first photo of Abraham Lincoln.

#17. JFK’s funeral at the Capitol.

#18. Lincoln en Antietam.

#19. Albert Einstein having fun in the Grand Canyon.

#20. General Patton’s dog on the day of Patton’s death.

School always helps us to have a perspective on things, but these images help us to understand more about how the story was. Share this note with your friends so that they will be surprised by these photos that few have seen.

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