In London, The First “Infinite” Swimming Pool With A 360 ° Panorama: The Images Of The Project Are Breathtaking.

Have you ever swam in an infinity pool? These unique and spectacular “infinity pools” are characterized by the absence of edges and the almost ethereal feeling of coming into contact with the colors of the sky above them … And some models have always done more, notably this British project … breathtaking!


image credit: Compass Pools

According to British architecture and design firm Compass Pools , this breathtaking swimming pool will crown the construction of a 55-story skyscraper with the evocative name of Infinity London; According to Compass Pools technical construction plans, this futuristic building in the heart of the English capital will be over 200 meters high .

The upper floor pool will be made of cast acrylic and not glass, as this material transmits light at the same wavelength as water, allowing all bathers to swim in a 200-meter-high panoramic pool. with a 360 degree view of the British city .


image credit: Compass Pools

The infinity pool with a capacity of about 600,000 liters of water will therefore be equipped with transparent walls and floors, so that visitors to the skyscraper can look up and have a view “of below “bathers swimming at the top of the city. Among the other technical characteristics of this futuristic infinity pool, there is the possibility of controlling the water temperature in any season thanks to the presence of an anemometer which constantly monitors the wind speed; this instrument is in turn connected to a computerized management system which ensures the correct temperature and that the waste water is not “drained” into the streets below.


image credit: Compass Pools

Compass Pool says their plans include building a five-star hotel on the upper floors of the skyscraper and that the infinity pool will be dedicated to their guests; if all goes according to plan, the construction of the Infinity London will take place very quickly if the contractors and official partners are confirmed.

A luxury swimming pool with a breathtaking view that we look forward to!


image credit: Compass Pools

source used: Compass Pools

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