In Japan, There Is A Forest Where The Trees Draw Perfect Circles: Here Is The Mystery Revealed.

Japan is a country rich in charm and mystery which, despite all its internal contradictions, is able to skillfully preserve ancient traditions and have a constantly projected gaze towards modernity. Among its beautiful natural landscapes, there is a very special forest that has been talked about a lot on the web. It is a “circular forest” which is very reminiscent of those famous ”  crop circles ” which, in the 1970s, caused much talk about them in public opinion, convinced that behind the mystery of the laying down of the ears of corn, there had a foreign intervention. But aliens, even then, have little to do with it and the.


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In reality, the curious circular shape of these two groves located in southern Japan, in Miyazaki prefecture, is the result of an experiment launched in the early 1970s. The purpose of the experiment was to understand if the arrangement of the stems could affect plant growth.

The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries explained in a document how the formation of the forest was established in 1973 as part of an experimental project, called “Experimental Forestry”. The trees were planted to form a total of 10 concentric circles. Years later, it is possible to take note of the result obtained, which can be seen from above, even via  Google Maps . Trees arranged in circles grew more evenly than neighboring, less orderly, and more irregular trees.

According to initial plans, the two small forests should be cleared by 2020, but the great interest in this curious place has led ministry officials to consider the possibility of saving the forest.

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