15 Images Show You What The Cold Is Capable Of When Temperatures Drop Well Below Freezing

Few people like winter and, in particular, the cold. During the colder months, it even becomes difficult to perform normal daily tasks, such as typing on the keyboard with frozen fingers or driving on frozen asphalt. The drop in temperatures almost always coincides with an increase in complaints and bad mood. We are arming ourselves with sweaters, jackets, hoods, and scarves and we hope that spring is coming soon. But come to think of it, we can’t complain. Some people live in very cold places, where the temperature drops below freezing by several degrees. These 15 images tell of situations of people who, because of the cold, were able to capture moments of real rigidity. Prepare to turn on the heat.

#1. How often do you go to the bathroom during the day? Someone lifted the seat and got a not so pleasant surprise.

image credit: 7816/imgur

#2. When the car pulled away from the parking lot, it left its mark.

image credit: DrProfesher/reddit

#3. A piece of ice has become the perfect throne to sit on and admire the beach.

image credit: cheebdog/reddit

#4. Ice crystals are deposited on the mesh, making its meshes a work of perfect and fascinating geometry.

image credit: pugc/imgur

#5. After an ice storm, the rear door of the car was opened and, once again, the cold left its mark.

image credit: Lawdoc1/reddit

#6. Nature never ceases to amaze us and the cold offers this woman a new mascara, for a frozen look with thick eyelashes.

image credit: RitaRudzinsky/reddit

#7. She wanted to take out the trash but did not check the weather. It is likely that the trash cans will stay in her house a little longer.

image credit: badwolf0313/imgur

#8. The movement of the water in the fountain has stopped because of the cold, the result is a beautiful wave to immortalize.

image credit: dbkraemer/imgur

#9. What are the chances of walking down the street and encountering an open fire hydrant from which a cascade of icy water is pouring?

image credit: okmax/reddit

#10. Geysers usually release water in a gaseous state, but not this time: the result is a small mountain of ice, to be immortalized too.

image credit: horgifon/reddit

#11. A courageous person placed his guitar on the ice sheet formed on the swimming pool: a different way of conceiving music.

image credit: akiwishis/imgur

#12. In this house, it was so cold that even the water in the toilet tank froze. Will the toilet flush work?

image credit: JTCMuehlenkamp/reddit

#13. He had pressed the snow brush against the car, when the car started the brush decided to challenge the force of gravity.

image credit: Charles_W_Morgan/reddit

#14. Before bursting, the balloons requested the help of the ice to leave their mark and not be forgotten.

image credit: Matt Cloudy/reddit

#15. This time too, the cold has succeeded in seizing a moment: that of the water which wanted to flow but which was forced to stand still.

image credit: calikrainian/instagram

After seeing these images, are we still afraid of temperatures just below zero?

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