These 19 Images Show Better Than A Thousand Words That Time Passes And Spare Nothing And No One

Since we were born, we have all been subjected to the passage of time. Growing old is absolutely normal, it is part of this mysterious and inexorable process that we call life. And we are not the only ones living the passage of days, months, and years. Everything that surrounds us testifies to this: perhaps we do not fully realize it, but everything, in its own way, ages.

And when you realize it, the effect is truly amazing. If you don’t believe that time can be a true master at turning things around, take a look at the 19 photos we’ve put together below. What do they show? Fascinatingly modified objects and surfaces after years of use. Yes, time goes by and spares nothing and no one!

#1. Years and years of notes played on the neck of this guitar have left their mark!

image credit: MuchoGrande/reddit

#2. This knife has been used by my family for generations: it once had a “normal” blade …

image credit: commence_suicide/reddit

#3. The mark of this chain on the door after years and years is truly amazing

image credit: NotVerySmarts/reddit

#4. New carabiner versus carabiner used many times: a big difference!

image credit: reddit

#5. 30 years of graffiti on a wall!

image credit: Imgur

#6. My father kept this aspirin bottle for 45 years: simply impressive!

image credit: reddit

#7. Minerals accumulated in a tube for 6 months: incredible to say the least!

image credit: Imgur

#8. My father found this banana in his ski suit: he had left it there 10 years ago!

image credit: hashtagSwoop/reddit

#9. It’s not as red as it used to be after months and months of bad weather!

image credit: ArmstrongsLeftNut/reddit

#10. Same shoe, after 4 years of daily use: really impressive!

image credit: dren_w/reddit

#11. The steps of this temple in Egypt: 2,300 years perfectly visible!

image credit: reddit

#12. The sustain pedal of a piano used for public concerts is not as new and sparkling as it used to be.

image credit: reddit

#13. This deodorant was opened after 3 years … and it shows!

image credit: reddit

#14. Look at these traces on the floor: all the customers who paid at the cash register have left them!

image credit: whitebicycle9/reddit

#15. The heads of the people sitting in this room are clearly visible on the wall!

image credit: hox2711/reddit

#16. This key has been in a lock since 1982!

image credit: stonedlife/reddit

#17. An M & M’s chocolate distributor … ten years later!

image credit: Imgur

#18. Eight years of service and daily use: it’s time to retire!

image credit: bonelesschuckroast/reddit

19. I am a postman and I walk many kilometers every day: this is how the soles of my shoes shrink after just a few months!

image credit: posananer/reddit

Have you ever witnessed such a passage of time?

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